Online Communities

Higher education can be pretty isolating sometimes. These online communities provide a space for people to connect, complain and organise.


Women Are Boring is a completely fabulous website that amplifies research by women and proves that women are anything but boring. Follow them on twitter, or better yet, write for them.

Herstory is a site/ cultural movement that has been created to tell the lost life stories of historical, contemporary and mythological women.

Feminist Press is an educational not-for-profit organisation that was founded to advance women’s rights and amplify feminist perspectives. Check out the impressive list of feminist texts they have published.

The Women Who Write is a site founded by Ali Black (@draliblack) collecting stories and writings from women in academia from around the world. There are plans in the making for a conference for women in academia to be held in December 2018 in QLD, Australia – register your interest here.

Some amazing websites for women in science include (funnily enough…) Women of Science, which details stories of women in science and engineering, and Fem.S.T.E.M, which has some great articles on Science, Tech, Engineering, Math, Health and SciFi.

The Thesis Whisperer (just like the horse whisperer – but with more pages) and The Research Whisperer (just like The Thesis Whisperer with more money…) are blog newspapers dedicated to writing a thesis and doing research.

Some great sites with resources for grad students and early career researchers include, Next Scientist, The PhD Write Up, Shut Up and Write Tuesdays, From PhD to Life, PhD Positivity, PhD2Published and Sites specifically for #WiA include Women in Academia and PG Women in Academia.

Think fashion and academia don’t mix? Think again! Check out Chic in Academia, PhD Fashionista and Stylish Academic for some great tips and articles.

Twitter Chat 

 (Academic Writing) is a twitter chat and peer support group for all those with an interest in academic writing.

@ERCchat (ECR Chat) is a fortnightly Twitter chat about all things Early Career. You can become a host and discuss a topic at their website. They also have a fun resources page and blog archive their old chats.

@PhDForum is one of the biggest higher education communities online, capturing tweets under the hashtags #phdlife #phdchat. Especially active over the #PhDWeekend

 is a hashtag tweet-up founded by Dr Raul Pacheco-Vega (@raulpacheco) for tweeting out your academic crushes and scholars to follow

 is a hashtag tweet-up about getting through your doctorate moderated by Stephanie Kizimchuk (@StephKizimchuk) at Australian National University.

@WritethatPhD is a twitter account curated by Dr Mel to provide resources to help you ‘write that PhD’ (or assist someone else to make progress with theirs).


@shesinscience is an Instagram account highlighting interesting research from women scientists across the world.

Discipline Specific 

@WetheHumanities (WetheHumanities) is a rotation curation twitter account that deals with all aspects of humanities academia.

The Women’s Classical Committee (WCC UK,@womeninclassics) was founded in 2015 to support women in classics and promote feminist and gender-informed perspectives in classics.

Australasian Women in Ancient World Studies is a professional organisation established for women and men committed to gender equality and diversity in ancient world studies. This includes classics, ancient history, ancient languages and archaeology (all periods).


Feminist Review is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal setting new agendas for feminism.