Amy Loughman @MBmicrobiome

Amy is a Melbourne-based psychologist, almost-PhD and Associate Lecturer at RMIT University. She’s also a damsel frequently in research-related distress, though you can rarely tell from the outside. Amy is passionate about understanding the relationships between physical and mental health. The science is now pretty convincing that the brain is connected to the body (part of it, even!) so she’s sure that we can’t go ignoring things like diet, sleep and exercise if we want to know about wellbeing.


A particular research interest of Amy’s is the gut microbiome and the relevance of this ‘forgotten organ’  for understanding human health. She undertakes research considering early life dietary and microbial exposures and their impacts on the developing brain and behaviour.

Amy is an active communicator of science, and has written for The Conversation, The Research Whisperer and The Thesis Whisperer. She keeps it real on Instagram @mindbodymicrobiome and writes a bit less often than she’d like to on her blog On her blog, Amy shares long-ish form articles about the gut-brain connection and its intersections with diet, stress and life in general. Subscribe to the newsletter to make sure you don’t miss an update! She tweets @MBmicrobiome.

Check out Amy’s amazing talk for the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute on the gut and brain here.